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Crumb & Bone?

Custom Photo Pendants at Crumb & BoneMy life as a creative person has left me with boxes, drawers and notebooks of yet to be fulfilled ideas -- Crumb and Bone is where some of them (most of them) come out to play. (the image at left is my work table and some of the fun stuff I get to play with)

As opposed to what's left over, crumbs and bones are all that's left after I'm finished. Whether it's a meal, a project or life itself, at the end, there should be absolutely nothing left. Squeeze every last drop out of it, whatever it is.

You'll find some of my illustrations among the skulls and (hopefully) clever sayings. My former life as a graphic designer gets to play here a little too.

I've done everything… almost
I've worked as an art gallery manager and custom picture framer, jewelry designer, took up sewing my own clothing, and designed and sewed teddy bears and hats. I learned screen printing and linoleum block printing which, naturally, led to resist painting on silk. I became interested in silk ribbon embroidery, needlepoint and quilting.

After back surgery my surgeon suggested I take up spinning to help repair residual nerve damage.

I asked "You mean 'around'? Like in a circle?"

"No, I mean spinning yarn, like on a spinning wheel."
Alrighty then!

Handspun, hand dyed and hand knitted yarnThat naturally led me to weaving, hand dyeing yarn and knitting. The weaving led me to basketry which led to growing my own willow. Growing willow made me interested in what other plants could be used for basketry so I started foraging for wild apple and maple suckers. I became interested in the way these plants grew so I began reading about 'the life of trees' and plant propagation.

Then it was perennials and xeriscaping. I think somewhere around then I went back into jewelry making because I needed rocks for landscaping and became fascinated with them in their own right which led back to semi-precious gemstones. But that soon veered off into fossils...

Some how I missed sculpting and puppet making but I can't remember where they go... and of course there are a few things that have been with me all along like photography and fine arts.

You get the idea.

So that's where these addictive glass necklaces come from. They're all bits of me, in one way or another. They're things that I love or think are unique and odd. Beautiful things, interesting things, scary, colorful, furry and feathery living things.
Things about life, death, and everything in between.